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Enterprise architecture is a discipline that describes how an organisation operates and delivers value by examining its business capabilities and underlying people, processes, technology and information flow. It is used to assist management to formulate, communicate and govern the strategic change agenda from the high-level purpose and vision through to a detailed technology program and project delivery.

We recognise how difficult it can be to overcome the common barriers that hinder success. We are committed to supporting organisations and architects to break through these barriers by applying the right mix of capabilities, using our advanced approach evolved over a decade of enterprise architecture engagements across five continents.


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Helping organisations use enterprise architecture to deliver business insights and drive change.

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Business Outcome EA

Of the many reasons to have EA as part your company’s approach to decision-making, the one that is most often overlooked is that it will save you TIME.  We usually emphasize that EA helps the enterprise make more effective decisions, but it isn’t just about choosing right over wrong.  Making those decisions more efficiently matters […]

Six reasons why you should use ArchiMate

6 reasons why you should be using ArchiMate® Describing the assets of the enterprise in a clear and structured way can be a difficult task. And communicating stakeholder needs when making changes to that architecture can seem impossible. Often, enterprise architects will use a variety of custom or homegrown solutions, but there is a better […]

Ten Steps to Organise and Manage your Enterprise Architecture

1. The organization of enterprise architecture should reflect the organization of the business. The EA department exists to regulate processing activities among business groups; the nature of its work is to assess and account for varying system and process requirements across the company. A retailer’s e-commerce division, for instance, would likely require certain digital capabilities […]

The Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture

The Framework for Enterprise Architecture: Background, Description and Utility by: John A. Zachman In the early ‘80’s, there was little interest in the idea of Enterprise Engineering or Enterprise Modeling and the use of formalisms and models was generally limited to some aspects of application development within the Information Systems community. The subject of architecture […]